Friday, 10 January 2014

10 January 2014 Homework

Semester 1: Videography
  4 - 5 members per team
     ~A 5 - 8 minutes long video
     ~A short film on "communication"

  Complete the slides about the movie in the Google+ community
  Answer"How would analysing other videos help in your video production?" on the Google+ community

  Think of 3 ideas and upload it to your Group's Blog

IH :
  Watch videos on 'Ancient Civilisations' (
   Next Lessons Narrators : 5&6
  Identify Aspects of your respective civilisations

Math : 
  Do Assignment 1.1 

English : 
  Do the pre-activity on the EL Blog (
  Using MEAL,think of 1-2 Characters and specific examples for themes(On English Blog)

Science : 
  Homework 1 : General Properties of Wave (Due: Next NEXT Monday 20th Jan)

Chinese :
  买词语本 ( By next week)
  Prepare $10 for Chinese Book ( Next Wednesday )

  Update Personal Info at SDM (Click Here to access SDM) and SIGN THE FORM
  Bring $2.35 on Monday 

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