Monday, 10 February 2014

10 February 2014 Homework


  Advertisement filming(storyboard and actual film)(By TOMORROW)


  Proposal(post on IRS blog)

IH :

  Next Lessons Narrators : 9&11(Andrew and Ze Feng)
  Tang and Song Dynasty SEQ
Question: How have the advances in arts helped the Tang Dynasty achieve its Golden Age
  E-journals (1a,1b,2a)*PLEASE COMPLETE*
  IH Worksheet

Math : 

  Changing Subject worksheet

English : 

  Complete English PT(brochure) (pages 3 and 4)
  Podcast-Thought processes(e.g for the first page of the brochure,why did you choose that symbol)

Science : 

   Filing(complete all notes)
  Electricity notes pg 1 & 2
  Homework 3(By Thursday)

Chinese :

  Sign Chinese Diagnostic Test and DO CORRECTIONS(By Wednesday)
  剪报(due Wednesday)
  课本(pages 6 and 7)
  Purple assessment book(第 8 和 9 课)
  习字(第一课)(for those who have not done)
If you want the answers for today's notes,they will be on the Chinese Blog :D



  Sexual Education Form
  Career Worksheet

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