Thursday, 13 February 2014

13th February 2014 Homework


    ~Group D Please finish your video commecial


  Proposal(post on IRS blog)

IH :

  Next Lessons Narrators : 14 & 15 (Ezekiel & Yun Jun)
  Tang and Song Dynasty SEQ
    ~ and use online sources
    ~Question: How have the advances in arts helped the Tang Dynasty achieve its Golden Age
  Complete E-Journal 3A 
  IH Worksheet

Math : 

  3.1 Worksheet (By Next Wednesday)

English : 

  Complete English PT 
  Podcast-Thought processes(e.g for the first page of the brochure,why did you choose that symbol)
  Action,Thoughts and Feelings doc.(To be presented next lesson)

Science : 

   Filing(complete all notes)

Chinese :

  听写~第二十课 (明天)
  For those who haven't done PG 8 & 9 in the purple book - Complete your Pg 8 & 9 and do the 抄写
All of the Chinese homework is overdue,please hand them up ASAP
  Chinese worksheet (the one based on the film 叶老师 showed us in class)
  CL Filing (By Monday)

  Develop Survey
    ~10 - 15 Questions 
    ~10 Surveys per Student
    ~Due Saturday Night

Admin :

  Sexuality Education Form
  Career Worksheet
*Please take note that there is S&W tomorrow*

~Happy Early Valentine's Day~

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