Friday, 14 February 2014

14 February 2014 Homework


    ~Group D Please finish your video commecial


  Proposal(post on IRS blog)

IH :

  Next Lessons Narrators : 14 & 15 (Ezekiel & Yun Jun)
  Tang and Song Dynasty SEQ
    ~ and use online sources
    ~Question: How have the advances in arts helped the Tang Dynasty achieve its Golden Age
  Complete E-Journal 3A 
  IH Worksheet

Math : 

  3.1 Worksheet (By Next Wednesday)
  Note practice question 4[b]

English : 

  Complete English PT 
  Podcast-Thought processes(e.g for the first page of the brochure,why did you choose that symbol)
  Action,Thoughts and Feelings doc.(To be presented next lesson)

Science : 

   Filing(complete all notes)

Chinese :

  For those who haven't done PG 8 & 9 in the purple book - Complete your Pg 8 & 9 and do the 抄写
  CL Filing (By Monday)
  作文(worksheet and composition)

  Develop Survey
    ~10 - 15 Questions per group(Due Saturday Night)(Send to Mr Tan)
    ~10 Survey responses per Student(Due next I&E Lesson)

Admin :

  Sexuality Education Form
  Career Worksheet

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