Saturday, 22 February 2014

21 February 2014 Homework

  Story Board and Story Ideas (1st Draft)


  Proposal(post on IRS blog)

IH :

  Tang and Song Dynasty SEQ
    ~ and use online sources
    ~Question: How have the advances in arts helped the Tang Dynasty achieve its Golden Age
  Complete E-Journal 3A and 3B
  IH Worksheet

Math : 

  quadratic equations worksheet

English : 

  Complete English PT 
  Podcast-Thought processes(e.g for the first page of the brochure,why did you choose that symbol)
  If you've done well for the narrative essay,send the edited version to Ms Lam,and share it through google drive with the class

Science : 

   Filing(complete all notes)
  Level Test practice paper(By Next week)

Chinese :

  For those who haven't done PG 8 & 9 in the purple book - Complete your Pg 8 & 9 and do the 抄写
  CL Filing(Week 9)
  听写-第一课 (Next wednesday)
  第二课习字(by Wednesday)

  Develop Survey AND GET REPONSES
    ~10 - 15 Questions per group
    ~10 Survey responses per Student
    ~ Use Survey Monkey and Mr Tan's slides (on the I&E Blog)
    ~ Meet Mr Tan Every Odd Day during Recess and After School
    ~ You may be excused from staying back once your group has completed up to a certain point 
  Check I&E Blog for Homework

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